MSME, DIC, IECode, ISO 9001 registration & certification

MSME registration for online business

Msme registration for an online business located in India can get registered with MSME. States like Maharashtra, Gujarat and any other location located in India can have MSME certificate.

An online business can be registered under the MSMED act 2006 as a service provider. As this is known as services provided to Business to business or Business to consumer.

In this Payment delay process or to get to open new current bank account must require this registration.

Online business MSME registration is most important to get benefits for tenders and promote themselves online.

MSME registration amendment

MSME Registration can be amended providing the documents. MSME registration for company, traders can amend their MSME certificate.

MSME certificate amendment is required when any tenders are to held and to get applicability or eligibility.

Documents required for amendment of MSME registration is aadhar card, old MSME certificate, GST no., Pancard, etc.

MSME registration Form

Please fill the following form and arrange to send the same on an email address to be registered with MSME.

company name:
company address:
pin code
mobile no.
e-mail id 
date of establishment
proprietor / partner / pvt. ltd. / ltd.
list of products
plant & machinery Rs. In Lacs

no. of employee

MSME Registration for company

This is a certificate to be registered as the MSME unit.

Companies like Private Limited, Limited liabilities Partnership, Partnership, Proprietorship, Consultants, Service Provider, can avail MSME certificate.

MSME registration for Private Limited company

Those who are manufacturer or service providers fall into MSME registration and those plant and machinery should not be more than 10 crores. Turnover is not concerned about this certificate as per today.

Private Limited companies those who are registered under the Registrar of Companies can avail of this certification.

MSME registration for Limited Liabilities Partnership is an LLP company.

Those who are manufacturers or service providers can avail of MSME registration for their LLP company.

Those who are registered under the Registrar of companies as Limited Liability Partnership.

MSME registration for NSIC

Those who are registered under Micro Small enterprises and who are manufacturers and service providers can avail NSIC registration.

NSIC registration is to get Earnest Money Deposit benefit as the MSME unit to be waived off.

To get participation in PSU and Government tenders.

MSME Registration For Trademar registration

To get trademark registration those who are registered with MSME can get a 50 percent subsidy on government fees. 

Trademark registration is to get branded your product or services.

MSME registration for ISO certification.

To get ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, and many more certification MSME units can get reimbursement of expenses for ISO certification.
MSME Registration for Startups

Those who are new in business can get registered with MSME to avail benefits from the government of India.
MSME Registration for Partnership firms
MSME registration those who are manufacturer or service provider and registered with Registrar of firms.

MSME registered can get Loans, subsidies, reimbursement of expenses, TM registration fees subsidies, etc.

MSME registration for Propeirtor

Those who are service providers and manufacturers can get registered with MSME.

Get Loans, subsidies, Mudra loans, to get startup loans, EMD waiver, Participate in government and PSU sector tenders.

What is MSME registration?

MSME registration means Micro Small Medium Enterprise Ministry of Government registration.

Those who are manufacturers and service providers and whose plant and machinery should not be more than 10 crores can get an MSME registration certificate.

What is the NSIC registration?

NSIC registration means National Small Industries Corporation Limited is registering MSME's those Plant machinery should be not more than 5 crores for manufacturing unit. and not more than 2 Crores for Service providers.

To get EMD waiver Benefits this registration is required.

For this registration process approx 2 months is required as for this registration third party inspection is to be held afterward monetary limit hs to be decided.

On those bases, EMD should be waived out for Micro Small Units located in India.

MSME registration for Businesses

MSME registration benefits in Tenders

Those who are registered with MSME can get benefits in Public Sector Unit and Government Sector.

To get EMD means Earnest Money Deposit and Security deposit in some of the departments located in each state and district.

MSME registration for Bank account

Registration for a company like private limited , LLP, partnership, proprietorship can get new bank account proof. MSME registration for an opening bank account.

To open current account in the bank "MSME Registration certificate" is valid. this is for new or existing entrepreneurs or businesses.
Open a current account in the bank MSME registration is required document along with GST no. so you can easily open the current account.

MSME registration for Trading company

MSME registration for Trading company located in India, Maharashtra, Gujarat and nearby regions.

To get tender participation msme registration certificate is used specifically for trading company.